- Dance of Life, 29 - 30.05.2018


Dance of Life... welcome...
It is the most difficult to put into the words the meaning, the message of the work.. It is easy to dance and to feel, to explain is much more challenging.. If to try to select just one sentence to describe Dance of Life, I would like to say that it is OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLORE AND TEST LIFE ITSELF, IT IS ART OF LIVING...

To say more:

I can not teach or safe anyone but I can create the space supportive and warm, innocent and playful, respectful to the individuality, uniqueness of everyone...I can find courage to be honest and true, share myself, my heart, my way and propose to others to find their own way... I can create opportunities to relax, explore and deepen understanding of ourselves , life, nature .. I can live, dance my live and welcome other lonely travellers join for some moments and dance with me...
Dance of Life for me it is manifestation of life itself, pure and innocent, beyond the social field. Here we do not have any social status, do not have story, do not have future, we are not really men and women, we are just human beings, alive hearts, living, dancing, enjoying this unbelievable gift of life.


All principles serve one common goal to meet the reality, to jump out from hypnotizing states of mind, become free from patterns and any kind of mental slavery, they support to put aside all dead, not true, violent to human nature things and to meet life as it is... these principles are to create the space for the heart and being... to make it possible to be, to live and to celebrate..


we welcome you to forget about standards, shoulds and to be true, honest physically, emotionally, mentally - on all levels.. be natural, real. Here you do not need please other, there is no any need in masks, to be a good student or partner, we welcome YOU, whatever you are.


here there is no good or bad dancers, there is no right or wrong movements, there are questions of safety, respect towards the body and each other, in the rest, you are free to be as you are. Any your movement is a dance: walking, standing, smiling, breathing.


right now, you can dance, live and enjoy yourself.. the space is not asking anything from you it is in your hands either to relax and enjoy or to torture yourself, the only barrier is your own attitude towards yourself. If you judge, compare you will suffer… If you can accept yourself, no changes are needed, acceptance giveы you freedom… your skill does not matter, your age does not matter, see your truth, respect your uniqueness, recognise and drop all kind of condemnations… Accept your body as it is, with all its limitations, accept your heart and your mind. Dance yourself, show yourself, open yourself, be yourself, naked, real, authentic…

it will be the end of your inner fight, in deep acceptance you become one it will bring clarity, satisfaction and peace. Without any effort you will start to grow, the changes, transformation will start on its own, in your hands is to accept, relax and bring awareness, rest will be happening naturally.


Here you can move freely, be playful like a child, crawl on all fours, roll around the floor, breath, make sounds, laugh and cry, here you are free to feel and show your feelings, to meet other people, touch, hug, look into the eyes, you are free to stay alone or to come to anyone you like, you are free to propose, to agree and disagree with propositions of other… instead of following good manners, being politician, invite innocence, simplicity, clarity into communication. We offer a lot of opportunities but a you take as much as you want, this is also your freedom.

We put our space apart from any cultural, traditional, believe system, we say we do not know what is right and what is wrong… lets find out what is this, lets move towards innocence, naturalness… carefully, respectfully to each other.…lets check and explore our boundaries, lets use the supportive space to check our believes, limitations which suppose to be needed… you can ask yourself do you really need to limit yourself in this or that way, is it really serve you, what is the source of this or that limitation.. lets bring awareness and if some limitations of freedom are really needed lets take them consciously.


dance just for pleasure, simply because it is joyful, very satisfying to move, feel, interact, support and receive support. There is no any other goal, this dance is not for anybody else, not to change something in the future, not to satisfy your Ego, to be a good or beautiful dancer.. it is simply joy, moment to moment experiencing your body, your heart, your creativity,… this is an opportunity just to be, celebrate your life in this body on this planet, with these people around you…


move, breath, make your body alive, make body important, respect, trust, explore and follow it. It is not a servant any more, do not teach the body, arrive into the body, relax into it… fill body with your presence…


no past, no future, no expectation, do not make any plan, do not expect anything neither from ourselves, nor from partner, nor from the space.. keep eyes open, meeting moment to moment reality and responding, playing with it. Keep on practising letting go the mind, imprints, patterns, experiences and every time have a fresh look at the things, free from your interpretations... clear, meeting every moment as first and last time..


Touch other, listen with your body, feel… through touch somehow, avoiding mind, you can know another one, you can meet directly… through touch it is so simple to meet... Explore, learn this art to communicate without words.. It is beautiful, true, open, touching, heart oriented… it is so colourful and joyful. Through words we meet mind, through touch we meet heart

Build up each meeting with deep respect to uniqueness of another one. Start from listening, creating trust and connections, do not ask, expect but listen and propose… there is no competition but cooperation... do not insist and avoid any kind of violence... propose yourselves to another... lead and follow… both are free and self responsible, looking for the for both way to be together…


explore passiveness, drop activity.. more follow and less bring your own initiatives... follow the body convenience, follow the partners, follow the space... follow physical forces...


make the body important... here it is not a servant any more, become a body itself, reconnect with it, dive more and more into the body, lighten every corner, every cell. With deep respect explore wisdom of the body, learn how to let go control, how to find trust, how to understand body’s language… deepen body awareness, explore breath, tension and relaxation, movement. Learn how to give freedom to the body, how to let it go…


Be self responsible.. dance for yourselves, do not please other, not fulfil any kind of expectations... whatever you are experiencing, when you are alone or with other these are your experiencies, feelings, sensations, you are the centre of your universe.

Here everyone is alone, on his way, with his truth, totally responsible for himself, everyone is a teacher and a student.


shift energy, interest from any kind of thinking, dreaming into living, feeling... dance, do not think about dancing... do not support any kind of analysis, do not look for reasons, for explanations, be focused on direct experiencing... look for the ways to rediscover, reconnect with real world: world of body's sensations, feel and play with all this physical things...


let you heart dance you, do not put it aside… it is the core, the source of your dance… here you can dance your tears, your love, your passion, your anger, your weakness, your joy, your fear, your ecstasy… meet partners in the heart, show him yourself, stay open, warm


Whatever you are doing - be present, alert, watchful ...

What can you get from the space?

I will not teach you how to dance / to live but will support you to realise that you are already dancing, you are already creating, here you can relax and enjoy yourself, your creativity. To live you do not need any skills and any changes, life is already happening to you right now and it is in your hands to accept it and celebrate.

What else you can get from Dance of Life?

  • reconnect with your body, understand, feel it much more, relax and enjoy your breath, your heart beat your movement
  • develop your sensitivity
  • get more understanding about your relation with people around It will be more easy to be open, intimate, true..
  • rediscover the qualities which are restricted in the common life, such as playfulness, sensitivity, innocence
  • become more familiar, relaxed, confident with the heart space, emotions, feelings, moods..
  • openphysicalmeaningofrespect, love, support, friendship
  • findourwhatisthistorelaxwithyourself, find a peace
  • explore freedom to move, feel, express
  • taste possibility to be free from social patterns of behaviour

Shantam Nabhraj ( Gryrorii Petrov ) was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1980. In 2005 get in touch with Osho vision, which was the main turn point in the life, from office manager of shipping company he changed to artist. Since 2009 Teaching Contact Improvisation, leading Osho groups: Vipassana, Emotional Release, Body Awareness in Ukraine, Russia, China, giving individual sessions. In 2011 together with his wife orginised Art & Meditation Center, the place to support arts and inner research,www.shantambala.com "In my work my main focus is awarness, I'm looking for the tools which can support the awarness to grow. It looks like, in the modern world we are missing the clear understanding of who are we, what do we need, where are we going, how our system is working. The life which can be pure joy becoming a problem, mainly due to lack of clear understanding/ vision of what is happening inside. I found that the body is the most convenniet istrument for me for selfexploration purposes. I'm working with the body in different ways but the most favourite one is contact improvisation. This form is luckely combines different apporaches which are wellcoming to open, relax, meet yourself, take the energy from the mind into the body, explore this space of here and now and yourself in this space. Contact Improvisation is unique tool for whose who have some childish innocent courage to take a look inside.."

29.05 - 30.05.2018

Approximate timetable

  • 07:30 : 08:30 Meditation
  • 08:30 : 10:00 Breakfast and free time
  • 10:00 : 13:00 Classes
  • 13:30 : 15:00 Lunch and free time
  • 15:00 : 18:00 Classes
  • 18:00 : 19:30 Dinner and free time
  • 19:30 : 20:00 Meditation
  • 20:00 : 21:30 Jam


The cost includes participation, meals, accommodation in common space and depends on the date of prepayment

prepayment to 04 May - 90 euro

from 05 May to 15 May - 100 euro

after 15 May - 120 euro


Cost for the participants of the Osho Vipassana 17-27.05.2018 - 70 euro



in sleeping bags in common space or in the tents


vegetarian, full board

Advance payment details

if you are not resident of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova to confirm your registration please send copy of your air ticket

What to take with?

  • sleeping bag
  • personal care products
  • comfortable, loose clothing suitable for active meditations
  • slippers
  • towel
  • earplags ( if you need them )
  • a bottle of water that you can refill with filtered water
  • eye band

Check in

28 May