- Awareness Intensive SATORI with RAKENDRA, 16 - 23.06.2017

The aim of Intensive - is a spontaneous awakening of consciousness, direct experience of one’s True Nature, known in Zen as Satori.
It is a partner-assisted meditation in a dyad structure. Using a single-pointed instructions (koans), like: “Tell me who is in?” “Tell me who you are?”, “Tell me what life is?”, “Tell me what another is?’ ect.; we will be moving through layers of our identifications and preconceived ideas about life, ourselves and another, towards the source of our True Nature.

Self-enquiry - is the most powerful method for personal growth and self-awakening!

*Awareness Intensive is a Residential Retreat in Silence & Isolation
* Arrivals to the place of Intensive on 16 June, before 6 pm.
*Participation fee:
with prepayment before December 20 - 280 ЕUR
before March 20 - 300 ЕUR
before April 20 - 320 ЕUR
before May 20 - 350 ЕUR
If prepaid after May 20 - 400 ЕUR
*If you want to participate in a 3 days of Intensive (17.06 -19.06.2018) – Participation fee 150 EUR fixed.

*Accommodation fee:
10 ЕUR/day =70 ЕUR/7 days
Residence Hostel, Food Vegetarian
*If you want to live in a separate room or camping on the territory - inform us beforehand!

*You can be registered fully as participant of Intensive only if you prepaid. Minimum prepayment – 70 Euro
If you refuse from participation less that 1 month before we start – no refund.
*Contact us:
+380995512057, +380937361866

If you a resident of another country and you need invitation letter, let us know beforehand, so we can contact embassy and make it for you!
See you soon & welcome Odessa Awareness Intensive!

Rakendra is passionate for a true connection with himself and for a true contact with others, for being ‘in love’. Spirituality and personal growth work have played an important part in his life to remove what was preventing love to flow naturally in him.
His ‘quest’ brought him to experience that awareness is the key. To be aware of oneself, of the ‘strings’ that are unconsciously pulling us in directions we don’t necessarily want, is liberating.
To be aware of what is happening in this ever-present present, to 'be' this present moment, brings tremendous joy, contentment and fulfillment.
I have been enthusiastic about the search, the search for truth since my teen-age years. Over the years, I came to experience that 'Truth' is not something that one has to reach but that 'Truth' is always here - now.
Self-enquiry in different forms has been my path and while trotting along that path, passion came alive in me. It is this passion that brings me to share self-enquiry processes with others when offering 'awareness intensive', courses, training and individual sessions.
I feel fortunate to be on a journey toward living my true nature and I am grateful to those who have helped along 'The Way'. I also feel privileged to be able to share this 'passionate love affair' with others.
Born in Orléans, France in 1950, Rakendra first seek 'Truth' within freemasonry, a philosophical school. Yet, intellectual values and concepts could not replace a lived experience; his heart was still longing for lived truth. Advaïta - Chan and Zen paved the way to this experience.
On 'The Way', many awakened ones helped to fill this heart-longing and living in a Buddha field in Pune, India for over 10 years provided tremendous opportunities to grow and to experience life in a different way.
Rakendra is now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand from where he travels to many countries sharing his passion for self-enquiry work.